12 July 2017. Solaris secures order for 200 hybrid buses in Belgium; BAE Systems drive, ultracap energy storage.

10 July 2017. VW predicts lithium-ion battery shortage by 2025

VW predicts lithium-ion battery shortage by 2025

April 2017. Maryland Becomes First in the Nation to Pass Storage Tax Credit.

March 2017. Fluidic Energy’s First Zinc-Air Battery Storage Systems Reach Five Year Milestone, Setting Performance Records and Paving the Way for Renewables

March 2017. A recharging hoverboard sparked a fire in a Pennsylvania home, killing a toddler.

March 2017. Despite technological advances, flow batteries struggle against market giant lithium-ion.

March 2017. Over 50,000 solar storage systems are now installed in Germany.

Jan 17, 2017 – Energy Storage Dusseldorf 14-16 March.
ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE offers a unique forum to the leading research institutes and companies of the storage industry. Only here are you able to experience live all of the presently existing storage technologies.

Nov 23, 2016 – South Korea’s battery makers face a major setback in the world’s largest electric vehicle market as they would most likely to become unqualified for a government subsidy program that is essential to keep EVs affordable under a strengthened battery guidelines going effect as early as January 2017. See

Nov 4, 2016 – EV violently burst into flames causing cells from its lithium-ion battery to explode.
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The video above shows parts of the batteries, which can burn for up to 24 hours, bursting into flames after the crash and shooting into the air like fireworks. The single-vehicle crash, which killed the driver and a passenger, occurred Thursday morning in Indianapolis, WTHR reported.
By Nicole Gallucci, Nov 4th 2016